Digital Art

I love to draw cartoon animal characters, especially those that are anthropomorphic (animals with human-like characteristics, such as wearing clothing, walking on two legs, etc.). Below are just a few examples of some of my best work. Most of these pieces were paid art commissions. If you're interested in commissioning me for an art project like any of these, or even something totally different, check out my Art Commissions page!

Armello Cosplay by inejwstine
Armello Cosplay:
Ondin and Scarbo by inejwstine
Ondin and Scarbo:
One Final Goodbye by inejwstine
One Final Goodbye:
Praying With A Friend by inejwstine
Praying with a Friend:
Boy Serval by inejwstine
Boy Serval:
Skye Con Badge by inejwstine
Skye Con Badge:
Nekronos in the Flames by inejwstine
Nekronos in the Flames:
Downhill Skate by inejwstine
Downhill Skate:
Fastest Thing in the Air by inejwstine
Fastest Thing in the Air:
Tripwire Stickers by inejwstine
Tripwire Stickers:
Sumire the Dragon by inejwstine
Sumire the Dragon:
Givette in Training by inejwstine
Givette in Training: